Why we won't host app in personal computers?

If we want to host application in personal computers we need to purchase static ip address. So with that ip the users can access the application, but the problems are

1.When suddenly system crash, power cut or some internet issues, then the user can't access the  application

2.For every 10-15 min we need to maintain backup, etc..

So in order to take care of  these problems and  maintaining application we have host providers.

What is host provider?

Host providers means we will host our applications in their data centers. So that we can give access to the application word wide. For that we need to buy a virtual machine from them to host the applications.

We have two types of virtual machines

1.Dedicated virtual machine

2.Shared virtual machine

Dedicated Virtual Machine:-

In dedicated virtual machine for each user they will give a separate virtual machine. So only dedicated user will use that ram.

  • It is costly.

Shared Virtual Machine:-

In shared virtual machine, every user will host there applications in same virtual machine, and they will use the same ram. In order to differentiate users of that VM, host providers will create separate  login's for each user of virtual machine.

  • It is cheep compare to dedicated virtual machine.


When there are more number of hits to the server, will lead to server down or crash.

For example:- If amazon offers an offer to users. In offer period the orders are more compare to the general period. The number of hits to the server in offer time is more. This may leads to server down or crash

In order to overcome this problem we have cloud providers.

Cloud providers:-

Cloud providers are used to host the application.

How It Solves The Above Problem:

cloud providers provided a concept called  script files.

Script Files:-

This file is used to mention when the server has to replicate.

Because of the replication of the server, the no.of hits will be distributed among servers. Distributing the request to servers,  will be taken care by the load balencer.  By this,  there is no heavy load to a server. So, this can avoid the server down/crash.

Thank you for reading this article.