Strange times we live in.Within a blink of an eye some one can go from rags to riches or some might bite the dust , a new software or frame work can be created and a new software can become outdated. In order to survive this fast paced world, one should acquire certain skill set which will either help them to live the life they wanted or help them achieve their dreams. This article is about such skills which will change you perspective and allow you to see most people can't and improve your life.

To begin with, every successful person that have ever lived have two rules common among themselves which made them successful.

Rule No 1 : Never tell everything you know.
Rule No 2 : Read the rule No 1.

With that being said , lets talk about rule number one and why it is important to never break this rule. Lets take the example of KFC here. The KFC was started by a single person with a recipe confidential to all , but people like to eat the product based out of it(crispy chicken wings etc). Now does KFC reveal their confidential recipe? No, KFC will never reveal their secret recipe because if they do ,everyone will start doing their own chicken wings and will stop buying from them. That is why rule number one is so important that you should not tell everything you know.

Now since we have learnt about the two rules that everyone should follow. Let's go into the skills we need to learn which makes our livelihood easier or better.

Time Management

One of the greatest skill one can acquire is how to manage their time. People who have understood that time is more valuable than money are very keen to learn this particular skill and those who have mastered it have gone a long way in terms of succeeding in their goals .

Now i can't teach you how to manage your time , but i'll tell you this. Everyone has 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, what makes the difference is how you manage those 24 hours .

Lets understand how to manage 24 hours by dividing 24 hours into 3 parts and discuss how to address them individually.

1/3 - An average person needs 8 hours of sleep , but research shows that 6 to 7 hours of sleep is sufficient to be healthy .So you can gain a 1 or 2 hours extra there.

2/3 - These typical hours goes for you 9-5 job/business. we cant don much about it. But if you can manage these 8 hours well , you can be on peak of your productivity. For example when you have 1 typical issue/task and 5 easy tasks to complete in a day(in between 9 AM-5 PM) you must choose to complete the difficult task first in order to be peaceful and complete the remaining tasks quickly. But if you choose to do easy tasks first you constantly think about how to the difficult task while doing these easy tasks which will create stress for you. So always do the difficult task first.

3/3 - Your life will largely depend on how you manage these 8 hours.Now i can't tell you how to manage these 8 hours (remember the first rule 😉) , i will leave it to your wisdom to figure it out😊.

Money Management

One of the most important skill everyone lack is money management. Irrespective of how much money you have, if you can't manage it properly everything will vanish within minutes or hours or days depending on how poorly you manage your money.One of the best rule i have read about money is

If you can't purchase it twice you can't afford it.

One should remember the above rule and consider it while purchasing anything that requires money.Lets take an example to better understand this rule properly. Suppose you're living a good lifestyle and have enough money to purchase a house. Now if you don't have double the price of the house you're willing to purchase , you should not purchase it , why because if you purchase it with enough money, it will only make your life miserable and make you do unnecessary sacrifices and lifestyle changes. So always remember this rule while purchasing.

Since we've discussed about purchasing we are left with investing. You'll have plenty of options while investing , but you need to consider a golden rule while investing.

Rome was not built in a day.

Rome was not built in a day is a golden rule many will follow when they invest their money into mutual funds , stock markets etc. If you're into stock markets and invested in stock markets you also need to consider another golden rule.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in a single day.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in a single day this rule is heavily heard in traders , while they are trading in stock markets. Not only trading , but if you're investing your money into something there is always some risk factor in it , so you should be prepared for it.