I hope everyone is doing fine in this critical situations. By now everyone should have understood that this a very unique situation where both our health and wealth are at stake and what worse is that this situation will continue for a long time. So we'll have to plan and disciple ourselves to do WHF for a long time.

Working from home is not everyone's cup of tea , because in home there will be lot of distractions like needing to take care of kids ,taking care of parents, over enthusiastic pets etc and also work from home needs a lot of discipline as-well. Without discipline you'll end up working tirelessly and welcome unwanted stress. So lets get into the strategy for work from home.

Lets divide our 24 hrs into 3 parts and plan it.

1/3 - First 8  hours among the 24 will go towards sleep. But research shows 6-7 hours is enough to stay healthy. That leaves 1 or 2 hours in these 8 hours in which you can do is getting enough vitamin d from sunlight. Because this pandemic can effect your mental health even if you don't catch the virus. So use this 2 hours for getting sunlight , freshen up , doing household works etc.

2/3 - You must discipline yourself to work among these 8 hours , schedule meetings ,doing the necessary tasks to achieve the targets. Now keep in mind that the work is a never ending process and clients will come up to you for getting some things done in odd times(after working hours) , learn to say no when required. But be careful while you say no , if a task or a bug can wait till next day you can say no, but if its needed to be done at that moment saying no will get yourself into trouble and organization might loose a potential client. So try as much as possible to work in between these 8hrs (best is to follow 9AM-5PM).

3/3 - Now we have 8 hours in our hand which needs a strategy to thrive.

Spend 2 -3 hours with your family , because its important to have a quality time with the family.

Spend 2 hours on yourself by exercising , doing meditation etc to keep up your mental health.

Spend 2 - 3 hours on skill building or book reading.

Skill Building :

When you try to learn a new skill/technology , never try to learn without a strategy. Without a strategy learning a skill is like starting from a scratch. A good strategy for learning a new skill/technology is to compare the technology you're very good at vs comparing the technology you want to learn, as the logic will be same for any of the technologies or frameworks or programming languages.

Known Tech vs Learning Tech

  1. Data Types: For every technology we'll have some different data types or sometimes same data type. So first thing you have to look is known technology data types vs  learning tech data types.
  2. Conditional Statements : What are the known tech conditional statements vs learning technology conditional statements , how do they differ if they differ what is the syntax and how to use them.
  3. Loops : What  are the loops in the known skill vs loops in learning tech , and how do they differ , how to use them.
  4. Operators : Next thing you need to compare is what are the operators in learning tech and how do they differ from the technology you know.
  5. Basic Syntax : What are the basic syntax's , and how do you write a basic program in the technology you want to learn.
  6. Advanced Concepts : Now comes the advanced concepts , for example if i want to learn react and i know angular very well, then the advanced concepts i need to look for is,

 How the components are defined in angular vs react .How to communicate in between components. Differences between the data binding etc.

So by comparing what you know with the technology you want to learn you'll learn the new technology faster and you'll understand better. By comparing and practicing each and every concept and then making a small project (poc),  you'll better with the new technology and you'll be confident enough to learn anything at your will.